ConMEC helps innovative Belgian company breakthrough in the Middle East

thumb Article Middle eastThe Belgian company I-CARE is ready to conquer the Middle Eastern market. With their innovative product Wi-careTM and the expertise of ConMEC, their consultants and representatives in the endeavour, they can be sure of a long term success.

A product that allows remote monitoring of critical equipment? It’s a necessity for any company with rotating machinery, whether it’s for a factory or a wind turbine. And thanks to I-CARE and its Wi-careTM wireless vibration and temperature transmitter, it’s a reality. Wi-careTM provides remote details on the health of your machinery by analysing vibrations, speed and temperature. With online real time information coming across 24/7, it’s perfect for keeping an eye on equipment, planning maintenance and improving machinery work conditions – even if the installations are located thousands of miles away from the person monitoring it. Piloting companies to success in the Middle East

With an industry boom spreading from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East was an obvious market for I-CARE to approach. The only question was how to do it.
The answer? ConMEC, a company specialising in consultancy and business development in the Middle East. ‘It’s not just about asking whether it’s a good idea to launch your product in the Middle Eastern markets. You need to look at the steps you have to take to actually get there,’ explains Sam Verdonck, Business Development Manager at ConMEC. ‘There is huge demand for a product like Wi-careTM. But you need more than that to break into the market with any guarantee of success.

Article Middle east

I-CARE takes advantage of the services offered by ConMEC which acts as an agent on their behalf. ‘We speak the language, we know the culture, the ins and outs and we network with the right people. If I-CARE had needed to develop all this for themselves, it would have been like going back to square one. Instead, we act as export managers for them, taking care of everything from A to Z. They are able to sit back and enjoy the ride.’ For other companies wanting to replicate the success I-CARE is enjoying in the Middle East, ConMEC will be collaborating with Etihad Airways and Arab-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce to organise their second seminar on business and export opportunities in the Middle East. It will take place in the first quarter of 2015.
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