Wireless Vibration Monitoring of a Paper Rolling cylinder

paper roller miniatureThe following case study represents a typical remote analysis application of a paper rolling cylinder. The monitoring was performed in a very effective way for the customer and analyst:

For the Customer: Quick installation of continuous data collection for their critical asset with no retrofitting. Almost impossible to install wired system due to equipment movement characteristics.

For the analyst: Continuous data (Historic and Remedial Action Recommendation) from the monitoring Center without any travel or measurement time spent. No waste of time due to tear paper, roll changing or cleaning operation.

 Equipment, plant overview, Context

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The Manufacturing site is a Paper Plant, established in Eastern Europe, where the equipment which has been installed 4 years ago, is operating at full capacity.

This Equipment is a Paper roll up system at one side of a coating line. The equipment is fully automated to allow roll replacement without stopping the line. This represents an huge advantage in terms of production capacity but also a “nightmare” for traditional condition monitoring techniques due to large movements of the rollers. Several bearing failures have already occurred on the main roll shaft, leading to maintenance and production shutdown.

The Customer requested I-Care support via Wi-care wireless system to monitor continuously bearing condition, checking in particular for evidence of looseness in the collected spectra.

Wi-care case study Paper Roller-pict1


Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification: Looseness – Bearing frequencies


Wi-care case study Paper Roller-pict2

The Wi-care system was installed on the main shaft within minutes, using magnetic locators to cover the two bearing locations in the vertical & horizontal planes. Standard spectrum collected via Wi-care in the vertical axis. The dominant frequency appears at 798 Hz and its harmonics.

Wi-care case study Paper Roller-pict4

On a closer zoom (Graph on Right hand side) we can see the  rotation frequency 18 Hz and its harmonics. The amplitude are still low 0,10-0,20 G Peak.

Data analysis indicates a low level of vibration at this stage and almost no defect. Nevertheless, we can clearly see and monitor the first track of possible looseness (1XRPM multiple). You may recall that bearing looseness was the origin of previous breakdowns. The Wi-care system clearly demonstrates its ability to monitor 1XRM_PM multiples from a very early stage ensuring detection of eventual future looseness. The decision was taken to invest in permanent Wi-care monitoring of the rollers.

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